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Rush Hour Fury

So i'm lined up in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Hudson Street the other day waiting my turn to get into the Holland Tunnel and out of the City. Of course the traffic cop controlling the flow of the intersection with Canal Street in front of me is favoring Canal Street, so we are waiting and waiting and waiting. For each light change he lets maybe thirty cars from Canal go and two from Hudson.

The through lanes on Hudson are separated from us poor souls who want to get into the tunnel from Hudson by closely spaced orange traffic cones on my left side. Those cars zip past us as we wait and wait for our chance to move forward a few feet every few minutes.

Except for one guy! As the car in front of me moves up a space, from my left this black car-for-hire comes and crashes right through the cones and into the lane in front of me that I have slowly and patiently worked my way up on for at least half an hour! HE JUST BARRELS RIGHT THROUGH THE CONES!! And now I can't move forward because the damn cones are lying in the lane in front of me!!! I have to put my car in neutral, set the parking brake and get out of the car in the middle of Hudson Street and PUT THE F___ING CONES BACK that this A__HOLE knocked over, before I can go forward again!!!! And of course while I am cleaning up his mess, another car goes through the same hole he created and gets in front of me too!!!!!

Of course the traffic cop sees none of this. He's too busy waving through the cars coming from Canal Street.

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