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Stop the ObamaCare Nonsense!

For the past seven years Republicans in Congress have wasted millions of dollars with their repeated efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act. Now we're going to waste even more time and money as the repeal has become our new administration's top priority.

It's time to face up to what's really going on here. The Republican Party doesn't really want to take healthcare away from 20 million Americans. They don't really want to prevent people with pre-existing conditions from getting health insurance. There are just two facets of the ACA that really bother Republicans:

1. The subsidies to the poor in the Act are paid for by a small tax increase on the most wealthy Americans. Those are the people who pay Republican politicians to support their best interests.

2. It's called ObamaCare! That name, originally attached to it with derision, now puts focus on one of our greatest President's legacies. The Republican Party, led by Mitch McConnell, vowed to bring our country to a halt for the last eight years, rather than let President Obama accomplish anything good. They will now spend the next four years trying to undo anything that he was able to do for our country.

So here are the simple steps our Republican-controlled government can now take:

1. Stop trying to repeal it, and just fix what's wrong with it!

2. One of our new President's principal goals is to increase the value of the Trump Brand. So just rename the ACA:  TrumpCare and let him take credit for the whole thing!

3. The net effect of the ACA is currently REVENUE POSITIVE! It is taking in more than it is costing Americans. Replacing it with something that works better is a fantasy. I propose we let it create DIVIDENDS from it's surplus. Then pay those dividends only to the wealthiest supporters of the Republican Party.

Simple! Now everyone can be happy and we can get on with more important business like firing up all our old coal plants again.